Camec Tow Ball Weight Scales Review [2024]

While riding on highways, following the traffic and vehicle weight loading rules is essential. It saves you and people around you from accidents and also prevents you from paying a fine.

But how would you know you are exceeding the tow ball weight limit while towing any vehicle. For this, you will require a tow ball weight scale. The scale will enable you to measure the load conveniently and boost your confidence while you hit the road.

Camec tow ball weight scale is made up of high-quality material. It is produced by Australia’s best caravan accessories producer. It can weigh up to 350 kg and can show reading in both KG and LB. The markings are replaced after every 10 kg and are easily readable. The tow ball weight scale is not only light in weight but also easy to carry around. It has a silver finish to protect it from rust. This weight scale ensures that the weight you are towing is evenly distributed throughout the rig. It prevents the hazards of overloading and highway accidents.

What we like

  • Up to 350 kg load measurement
  • Easy to read markings
  • Lightweight, compact tool
  • Made up of good quality metal
  • Durable and longer-lasting
  • Ensures weight is evenly distributed around the rig
  • It comes from a reliable brand

What we don't like

  • It might show some deviation after several uses

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