Camec Caravan Step Electric Double 12V Review [2024]

There is no denying in the fact that caravan steps are indeed very important for getting out and into your caravan more safely and comfortably. However, buying the most suitable product is not an easy task to pull off. If you are also looking for the best caravan step that ensures you can enter or exit your vehicle without any problem, look no further than Camec STEP ELECTRIC DOUBLE 12V 560MM FOOT BOARD 560MM to fulfill your outdoor requirements.

It has all the advanced features and qualities to make sure you meet your caravan’s requirements with ease without worrying about subpar access. This electric step has some resemblance with the handicap lifts or different sheath-able hardware you usually see! The unit allows you to push a simple button that causes the metal step to extend a bit further and help you get into your caravan safely.

Having this caravan step means you don’t have to do any additional work once you are done assembling and mounting the unit. You can install the step yourself or hire any professional to get the job done for you.

This single step for your caravan comes with an aluminum tread and a galvanized steel construction framework. It features a 12-V motor that extends out and secures the step. You can operate it by a switch which is placed just inside its doorway. Bolt the mounting brackets or weld them to the chassis for a convent assembling.

What we like

  • 560 mm wide
  • It can be operated via a switch
  • Steel/aluminum construction
  • Large footboard

What we don't like

  • A wiring harness with the switch is not included with the package

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