Camec Heavy-Duty Door Caravan Towing Mirror Review [2024]

While some caravans out there don’t need a towing mirror, the majority of them do! No matter what you drive, it is very important to have at least two towing mirrors mounted on your pre-existing mirrors at all times. It gets even more strict when it comes to towing caravans.

The Camec Heavy-Duty Door Mirror Ratchet Strap Type is a vital bit of kit which is manufactured to make your caravanning life extremely comfortable. It is very popular, mostly because of its quality, ease of use, and simple design. It can fit almost all types of vehicles, gives a good range of rear vision, and rotate to give you the perfect driving angle. Its design delivers stability to drive even at the highest speeds and when passing oncoming vehicles without needing further support arm.

This secure and adjustable mirror system is very easy to install. The installation takes about 5 minutes and fits most vehicles out there with a ratchet and bracket strap system. It is a heavy-duty door mounted mirror that you can fit securely via additional straps upon requirement.

The best thing about this best heavy-duty towing mirror is its mirror head, which has a 229 mm X 155 mm dimension. This feature helps deliver excellent vision behind. You can mount it on an adjustable extension arm to reach around 470 mm from the edge of your caravan. The rubber mounting pads are also present to prevent marking your car.

What we like

  • Sold as a pair
  • Suitable for all kinds of cars and caravans
  • Quality rubber mounting pad
  • Easy installation
  • Firm fitting

What we don't like

  • A smaller field of view for some customers

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