Camec Caravan Cover (C20CCV) 18-20′ (5.4m-6.0m) Review [2024]

The Camec Caravan Cover (C20CCV) is a good-quality, reliable, and practical solution for your medium-sized caravans. This product is highly equipped to protect your caravan against environmental elements for a longer duration. This particular product is crafted and designed for caravans between 18-20 feet in length. It has almost every unique feature and component that gives it a prime spot in the list of best caravan covers in 2020.

In addition to a water-proof and UV stabilized design, it has heavy-duty materials in its construction to protect your caravan against the corrosive action of pollutants and acid rain. The roof section of Camec Caravan Cover (C20CCV) is also water-resistant, whereas the side panels have weather-resistant properties. When coupled with the breathability factor, both these features keep your caravan free from all kinds of molds and mildews.

This caravan cover is super lightweight and easy to set up/install. With its zippered side doors, you have convenient and easy access to the caravan whether the door is located at your van’s rear or front side. There are dual clip nylon straps and a reinforced skirt on the front and back of the cover to ensure that it fits securely over the van without causing you any trouble.

The double-stitched, extra reinforced corners help the cover negotiate sharp edges, recurrent installation, and easy removal. The ventilation flaps and elasticized front/rear hem are some other star features of Camec Caravan Cover.

What we like

  • Light in weight
  • Easy fitment
  • Double-stitched reinforced corners

What we don't like

  • May scratch window if fitted poorly

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