Camec 3kg Compact RV Washing Machine Review [2024]

A very economical top-loading washing machine in the range set out by Camec is this one. The Camec 3ks Compact machine is the optimum choice for everyone looking for caravan washing machines as it takes very little space and gets the job done in no time.

This is the first machine in the Camec series which operates on hot water too. It can take up to 3kg of load at a time and comes with 6 different wash programs. The speed of the spin cycle is up to 900 RPM is pretty efficient.

With caravans, there is a lot of moving around one needs to make sure that their appliances are sturdy and durable. This same concept was kept in mind and the tubs inside this top-loading machine were designed for stainless steel. You can also adjust between the high and low water level adjustment depending on a heavy or a light load.

Some additional features involve the remaining wash time function, plus blue LED lights in the washing tub. With the LED lights present you won’t have to waste electricity on lights and just make do with the built-in lights. There is also a securing strap and a clothes basket provided with it. The fun part is that you can use this basket as a tub stabilizer as well. This is a great little machine perfect for singles or couples that don’t require a large capacity caravan washing machine.

What we like

  • Built-in LED lights in the tub
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Water levels adjustment

What we don't like

  • Can take as much as 1035W power while operating on hot water

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