Astro-AI Portable Air Compressor Pump Review [2024]

Astra AI 12v Air Compressor

The first thing you will notice with this 12V air compressor is its surprisingly high CFM and PSI. Out of all the compressors and devices that are available in the market, this is extremely powerful and strong. It can inflate all sorts of balls and tires in a feasible manner. It can also work for lightweight pneumatic jobs, such as nailing, without a hassle.

Contrary to several other portable air compressors, the Astro-AI Portable Air Compressor has an optimum longer functional time of 30 minutes. This is of considerable importance if you want to use your air compressor for a longer duration. You will not lose pressure or require working in breaks with this device.

However, with all of the positive aspects, there are some consequences present as well. One of the most significant disadvantages of this air compressor model is that it will frequently exceed its pressure level. Even though there is an automatic shut-off present, this is something that can be a nuisance. If you inflate something small, you need to consider this option because additional PSI values can be dangerous.

What we like

  • Better warranty
  • The maximum level of PSI
  • The higher level of CFM
  • Usable on continuous functional time
  • Multiple additional nozzles

What we don't like

  • Frequently exceeds pressure
  • Placement of gauge is not always appropriate
  • Short hose

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