ADCO Caravan Cover 18-20′ CRVCAC20 (5508-6120mm) Review [2024]

This highly durable and practical product is from ADCO, the leading international company in the caravan cover industry. The cover measures between 18-20 feet in length. The best thing about ADCO CRVCAC20 is the universal design that makes it a great fit for almost every caravan where the user needs a quick and easy installation process. It is held in place by tactically placed buckles and straps and uses a handy cinch system for the loose fabric at the back and front.

The heavy-duty build of this best caravan cover for sale includes a breathable layer of polypropylene sides and a Dupont Tyvek roof. This feature helps block 99% of harmful, destructive UV rays to keep your favorite product’s exterior and furnishings from fading and aging.

With all the unique and distinctive features, the cover tends to stay breathable to prevent unwanted mildew and mold from the motorhome. This high-rated product’s practical design also includes a non-abrasive inner lining and zippered side doors for uninterrupted access to the caravan.

The top panel here extends from the back and front in a white finish. It is often complemented by 2-tone greys and contoured patterns of side panels. The door flaps feature eyelets to double the cover as an awning or sunshade. With the weighted buckles, you can easily toss the cover under the RV to connect to the opposite side. The corner reinforcements help protect against extremely sharp edges and wear/tear.

What we like

  • Designed for high sun exposure
  • Completely breathable
  • Storage bag included

What we don't like

  • Expensive item

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