Best Ways to Keep the Kids Happy on a Road Trip

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keep kids happy on a road trip

Caravan trips are always fun, especially when you go along with your family. It is an ideal way to spend quality time together, but it can be really challenging for the kids. Taking kids out of their comfort zone could be challenging for themselves as well as the parents. You wouldn’t want to spend the entire road trip listening to them crying and making you restless.

So, it would help if you always had a little bit of planning prior and a lot of patience and willingness to enjoy the moment, plus everyone can have a memorable trip. To help, here we have listed the best ways to keep your children happy on a road trip.

  1. Music

Everybody loves “Music.” It is a great way to cheer up any mood. Also, if you play your child’s favorite music, it can sort out many problems. Music will keep your child entertained throughout the journey. Make sure to create a kid-friendly playlist before the trip. Enjoy the trip with a complete peace of mind, while making sure to keep the kids entertained.

  1. Toys

When traveling with kids, always pack old toys in your Caravan journey box. You can also bring some new toys. Just take some toys with you to keep them entertained. Kids need something to play and keep themselves entertained and what could be better than toys.  

  1. Snacks & Food

Are you upset? Have a chocolate. Are you bored? Why not try a cheesy pizza? Snacks are the answer to everything. If children do not get proper food on time they tend to get too clingy and irritable. So, as adults you need to make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrition to stay active and healthy.

Proper intake of snacks will help maintain the blood sugar level of your kids. It is essential if you want your child to remain happy while traveling. And if your babies are still getting used to solid foods you must make sure to carry pre-made baby containers for them.

However, when you go on a trip with your kids, be prepared with all the snacks and foods they love, especially healthy stuff.

  1. Outdoor Playspace

If you want to keep your kids’ boredom aside, create an outdoor play area for the kids. You can use a large outdoor mat, which is perfect for playing, coloring, or even eating. You can also give them blocks to play with or provide them with explorer kits consisting of a compass, binoculars, etc. It will be fun exploring activities for them.

There are also other games, including ring toss or whiffle ball, in which the whole family can play and have a lot of fun.

  1. Games

Here we have listed top road trip games that will keep the whole family, including kids, entertained on the trip; check them out below!


It is one of the simplest games that everyone has played. You have to guess the object in your surroundings, either in the Caravan or outside on the road. The one who will win will get the chance to set the next clue like colour or alphabet. You can have many variations according to your choice.

Guess Who

It is a simple, funny, and entertaining road trip game, and your kids will love it. All you have to do is think of someone that everyone knows, like a cartoon character, movie, or any star. Then, act like them and ask the members to guess.


This game will surely keep the kids entertained and busy. Begin playing the game by challenging them to say an animal of their option like “CAT.” Then, the next member has to say another animal name, but the name should begin with the letter T. It goes on in a continuous loop unless someone cannot say the animal’s name. You can also ask states, rivers, places, cities names if you want some change.

Name the Animal

This game will make all the kids look out the caravan windows. And kids will try to scream out loud the name of the animals that they see first. It will keep them stuck to the windowpane, and before they know it, you might have arrived at your destination!

  1. Get Your Kids Involved

Give your children the chance to be part of your plan. When you arrive at your destination, ask for their help with the small chores of setting up your camp, including setting up chairs and tables, finding firewood, and organizing things for playing. These easy tasks will keep them busy and make them feel useful during the trip.

Quick Tips To Consider

  • Always have a pack of baby wipes.
  • Keep a spare set of bed sheets.
  • Have a stash of healthy ‘ready’ foods
  • Get a pair of children’s Bluetooth JBL headphones
  • Try to travel short distances at a time punctuated by breaks.
  • Avoid staying anywhere for just one night.
  • Pack a deck of cards, bingo sets, or even coloring books

Have Fun & Be Safe!

Going with kids can be tough at times, but when you carry a number of fun and enjoyable games on board, nothing can beat the fun of your trip. While kids stay busy playing, you can enjoy the trip with a peace of mind and completely focus upon driving.

A small trip or an outing with your kids could help you create the best memories. By carrying board games and sumptuous snacks along, you can keep them happy and entertained at the same time.

By leaving on a trip, show your kids that trips with the family can be fun and entertaining. So, a trip becomes a unique experience for the kids which they would want to have repeatedly in their lifetime. Be thankful for the opportunity to encounter this type of adventure with your family. What are you waiting for? Get out on your next trip and have fun with the kids and the family!

Maureen Spencer

Maureen Spencer

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