16 Tips to keep your caravan cool this summer

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keep cool in summer

How to keep cool in summer

You can enjoy the sun and warmth of summer by keeping your caravan cool even on the hottest days. Summer is a prime time to travel by caravan, so don’t let the heat stop you from crossing off items on your summer bucket list.

Your caravan can become too hot if it is not equipped with powerful central air conditioning. Cooling an caravan on hot days can require more than a standard cooling system. If an caravan air conditioner works properly, the temperature difference between the ambient temperature (and the conditioned temperature) will be only 16 to 22 degrees. You can implement strategies to improve your cooling system and keep your caravan cool.

You don’t have to sweat the heat with some planning and insider knowledge. These tips will keep your caravan cool during the summer so that your family can enjoy the sun and not worry about the heat.

1. Park in the Shade

Shade factor is a key consideration in summer heat. It will help prevent your caravan becoming a sauna. The sun shines brightest in the afternoon, when the temperatures are higher. Your caravan should be positioned so that it is shaded in the hottest parts of the day. Place any trees on your caravan’s western side and use your awning to provide shade in the morning.

2. Create Shade

It’s easy to keep your caravan cool during the summer by using your shade. Shade is nature’s way of cooling your caravan. Even if your camp site is sunny, you can maximize shade by keeping your canopy down and using tarps to create a relaxing spot. To avoid causing damage to nearby trees, use tree-friendly straps like wide nylon. To create a triangular shaded area, tie one end of a large tarp to your caravan’s top and secure the other to the ground using stakes.

3. Purchase a portable fan (or two)

portable fan
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A fan is a great way to cool your caravan in summer without breaking the bank. A portable fan can cool and move hot air around your caravan. Set up one fan to draw cool air in through a window in the evening. The other fan will pump out hot air from your caravan by pointing outward. Shaded windows are a good way to bring in cool air during the day.

4. Follow the flow

An easy way to increase airflow in your caravan is to align your rig with the wind. The wind in Australia generally comes from the south-east. Make sure to check the weather conditions in your area before you travel and position your rig so that it can take advantage of wind patterns. To keep bugs and dust at bay, keep windows open. Your caravan will be cooled by the breeze during the day.

5. Cover your Windows

In the winter, the handy insulated window covers that you can use to block the heat are just as effective at keeping out the cold as the heat. Glass is not very good at insulation. This means that it can let in heat. Cover any windows that are sunny or have large spans of glass (e.g. picture windows) with curtains or insulated covers.

6. Close Your Windows Each Morning

You can open your windows at night to create cool breeze that will help you sleep well. This cool air can be kept in your camper, and it will last longer if you close your windows every morning. Close your windows as soon as the sun rises to heat the outside air. This will prevent hot and humid air from escaping the caravan’s interior overnight.

7. Use reflective insulation

Reflective insulation can be used if there are no window awnings to block the sun’s rays from entering your RV. Depending on the thickness of the glass, heat can get into your caravan through the windows. However reflective insulation can help keep the heat out. Home improvement stores sell a variety of sizes and types of reflective insulation at an affordable price.

Reflective insulation helps keep your caravan’s interior cooler by reflecting the sun away. To help protect your windshield or windows, simply cut a piece from reflective insulation. Reflective insulation can reflect up 97% of the sun’s radiation away from your windows, depending on which type you choose.

8. Keep Your Cooling System Efficient

If you have a cooling system, make sure it is running at maximum efficiency. You can optimize your cooling system by doing regular maintenance to ensure that it runs efficiently and you get the best possible airflow. Make sure all filters are clean to maintain your caravan air conditioner. This will increase the efficiency and make it easier to cool your caravan. Regularly inspect filters and clean or replace as needed.

Truma Aventa Compact Plus Roof Top Air Conditioner

9. Cook outside

An oven or stove heats up caravans better than any other appliance. To avoid heat buildup in your caravan, you can take your cooking outside instead of using your indoor kitchen. Enjoy some camping recipes to impress your loved ones. While you are outside or inside your caravan, cool off with some delicious frozen treats.

10. Cover Skylights

Skylights can attract heat because the summer sun is high up in the sky. Insulating covers can be used to block any sunlight coming from the top. This will keep your caravan cool, especially on hot days.

11. Power off your electronics

Consider keeping your caravan’s electronics off during the summer if it is equipped with the most recent technology. As with all appliances, electronics like laptops and TVs produce heat. You can keep screen time as low as possible to help your rig stay cool and allow you to fully connect with the natural world without any distractions.

12. Increase ventilation

Ventilation is important to keep your RV cool. Vent covers can be installed over existing roof vents to increase ventilation. Vent covers are easy to put on and allow fresh air in even when it rains. To promote cross-ventilation, cover both ends of your caravan with a vent cover.

13. Keep your fridge vents clean.

Even the best caravan refrigerators are culprits of producing the largest sources of heat in an caravan. The fridge must produce a lot of heat to keep food cool. The heat from the fridge radiates outwards into your caravan and raises the temperature. To allow heat to drain properly, keep your caravan fridge vent clean. You should inspect your caravan fridge vent regularly to ensure it isn’t clogged with dirt and other debris.

14. Keep your door shaded

Shaded outdoor spaces can also prevent heat buildup. This is possible by orienting your caravan so that your awning and entrance are in shade all day. It can be difficult to do this in the summer sun. However, it is common to position your door towards the south. The awning’s overhang keeps the sun out and helps keep outdoor spaces cooler. This method will not work well if there are large windows on the north side. You should strike a balance between shading and exposing large areas of glass to the sunlight.

caravan awning

15. LED lights are a great option

LEDs emit a fraction the heat of regular bulbs. The LEDs are more efficient and will keep your caravan cool in summer. You should also be paying attention to energy efficiency. Make sure you turn off all lights throughout the day, and only use electricity when absolutely necessary.

caravan lights

16. Keep the doors shut

Avoid leaving doors and windows open when temperatures are high. This can be difficult when pets and children are constantly running around, but you should try to keep your caravan cool by closing all doors during the day.


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