What To Put in a First Aid Kit for Camping?

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Having a first aid kid is mandatory if you are planning a trip outdoors. Outdoor adventures like camping, trekking, or even a stay in the forest for a night could turn into a nightmare if you do not go prepared for the unforeseen!

Irrespective of the camping location you choose, always make sure that you have a first aid kit handy at all times. A good medical kit prepares you for situations where a major problem can be prevented by using the available resources. You can buy prepared first aid kits from the chemist near you. You can also consider preparing your first aid kit to know the purpose of each item you keep.

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We prepare a first aid kit intending never to use it, but this is not the actual case. If you’re a regular camper, you will agree that there will always be cuts, sprains, bruises, etc., on camping trips. Instead of being worried about injuries, having a first aid kit will keep you relaxed as you can instantly treat any injury or other issue.

So, consider the following items to keep in your first aid kit as a priority on your next trip. These items are essential for backpacking trips. However, if you plan a car trip, you may add more items as per your convenience and requirements.


It is important to understand that store-bought first aid kits will not have the medicines that you take daily. Therefore, keep a few extra tablets of all the regular medicines you are prescribed without any second thought. When you plan a trip away from the city, you should carry your medicines with you. There are bleak chances that you will get any drug store in the campsite vicinity.

Apart from the regular medicines, pack some essential medicines such as anti-allergic, asthma, vomit, pain relievers, etc. Other medicines include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain killer
  • Anti-diarrhea
  • Cough syrup

There are various insects, bees in the campsite that can bite anyone and cause serious allergic reactions. Also, while walking through the jungle, you might get pricked by some poisonous plants and leaves that may cause irritation and even make you puke. A first aid kit will be of immense help if you come across any such situation.

Synthetic & Fabric Bandages

Bandages should be one of the first items that go in your first aid kit. Bruises, cuts, wounds, etc., all are a part of trekking and camping. You can keep as many precautions as you want, but a minor cut, bruise, sprain, etc., here and there will always be there.

You will need bandages to cover those scrapes and cuts. Also, you will be prepared for any major wounds and injuries. If you are buying a first-aid kit prepacked from the drug store, ensure that it has enough bandages in it.

Antibiotic Spray or Wipes

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You can choose either an antibiotic spray or wipes to add to your first-aid kit based on your choice. Antibiotic sprays are used to clean any open wounds and injuries that may happen on your expedition. Cleaning any open wound is necessary to prevent the development of infectious bacteria. Antibiotic sprays or wipes also help the wound to heal quicker and speed up your recovery process.

Medical tape

The medical tape has multiple uses apart from securing the bandage in one place. It can also hold moleskin to a specific area. Make sure to carry some medical tape in your first aid kit. It is a small item but will come to your rescue many times on your camping expedition.


A gauze helps secure a wound that is deep and has a lot of blood coming out. There are chances of you falling while trekking up or maybe tripping over a rock that might cause deep cuts. In such cases, a gauge is the only thing that will help you save that wound and prevent it from getting worse.


Tweezers are so important. Walking into the woods makes you prone to ticks and splinters. Tweezers come in handy to save you from these ailments. Other organisms such as thorns, snails, earthworms, leeches, etc., can stick to your body. Tweezers can also be used to extract dirt and debris from any wounds that you may have. Therefore, it is important to carry a good pair of tweezers with you while camping.

Burn Cream

If you camp for one day, two days, or more, you will light a campfire to provide warmth and light during the night. The probability of getting burn wounds is relatively high. Therefore carrying a burn cream is necessary. If you are not worried about having burn injuries, you can carry small aloe-vera gel packets that can come in handy if needed.

When packing your first-aid kit, you can opt for burn cream sachets if there is a space problem. These little sachets are available in the drug store and are single-use. Fit them easily in the first-aid kit without letting them cover any extra space.

Nitrate or Latex Gloves

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When you buy a ready-made first-aid kit, latex gloves are already placed in it. However, when making your kit, you have to buy these gloves yourself. Since you are out in the open and do not have access to running water or soap for cleaning your hands, these latex gloves come in handy while working on wounds. Treating an open wound with dirty hands might worsen the wound. Wear latex gloves before treating any wound or applying cream or septic on an injury.

Summing Up

There are many additional items that you can carry with you like needle-thread, emergency blanket, scissors, etc. Ensure that you prepare the medical kit, keeping in mind the ailments and allergies of all the members going with you. Fun and adventure are important, but good health matters more. Happy Camping to all our readers.


Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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