Tips For Getting the Best from Your Camping Fridge

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Are you a regular camper? Then the most valuable camping gear you should not forget to pack is a portable camping fridge. We all know that the basic function of a camping fridge is to preserve the freshness of the food. However, there are some ways to get the maximum output from your camping fridge.

Moreover, for utilizing your camping fridge efficiently, firstly, you need to know the types of camping fridges, packing basics, optimal temperatures, and the right place for installation. In addition, you should be aware of the methods to upkeep your camping fridge for getting the best from it.

Let’s know the three basic types of camping fridges?

The definition of an ideal fridge will be different for every camper. However, there are three main categories of camping fridges is available in the market:

  • Thermoelectric Camping Fridge

It has a durable cooler which makes it the perfect choice for camping. These camping fridges come with fewer moving parts, so no fear of sliding around. These also offer the option for heating the food, making it the right choice for winter camping.

  • Absorption fridges

The biggest advantage of the absorption fridges is the noiseless energy transition, so it is the perfect option for you if you love to go on longer trips. Otherwise, noisy appliances can be annoying for you. Moreover, you can decrease the electricity consumption using absorption fridges as these can work using propane.

  • Compressor fridges

Compressor fridges are famous for their energy efficiency. These can work best even on hotter days. Also, you can freeze your food whenever you want to preserve it for a longer time. So, now let’s dive into some easy and practical tips to get the most of your camping fridges mentioned in the list below.

1. Get the right size

The first and the most important thing to get all the benefits from your camping fridge is the fridge’s capacity. You should pick the proper size camping fridge so that it can easily fit in your caravan. Otherwise improperly installed camping fridge can give you problems.

Moreover, paying attention to the size is mandatory because there is no point in buying a portable camping fridge if you cannot store everything you want.

  • 21-Quart portable fridges are meant for shorter trips to store some drinks and a lot of food.
  • 36-Quart fridges are perfect if you want to camp for the whole week. You can store drinks for a week, depending on the number of camping partners you have.
  • 53-Quart fridges are best for storing the pack of drinks.

So, you can buy the one that matches your needs. Moreover, little research is necessary to select the right size and brand of camping fridges.


2. Right wiring

After picking the proper size camping fridge, the next thing you need to do is get a perfect length wire that can easily reach the power source without getting stretched. An ideal site of the wire for your camping fridge is 6mm.

Moreover, if you have the right wiring, your fridge can draw an adequate current supply to perform its job effectively.

3. Ventilation

Proper airflow is required for the fridge to work efficiently. So, make sure the vents are getting proper air passage when you want to set the portable fridge at the camping site. For this, you can place them in the well-ventilated and shady area to get the best performance from your camping fridge.

On the other hand, get a fridge cage if you don’t want to take out the fridge from your caravan.

4. Fridge cover

A fridge cover is necessary to ensure protection from scratches and bad weather. Furthermore, fridge covers work as an additional layer of protection from the dust and sun as they can enter into the compressor if the fridge is not covered properly, which can cause a further fault in the fridge. Moreover, the covers work as the best insulators for the fridges to cool down the fridge

5. Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing does not only help in keeping the food fresh for a longer time and saves space in your fridge. Vacuum sealing is the best option for you if you don’t have a dual-zone fridge. In addition, vacuum sealing kits are a must-have for longer trips.

6. Deep cleaning after every use

Another tip to keep your fridge working efficiently is thorough cleaning after every trip. You should clean the inside of the fridge to remove the foul smell. However, the main concern is which chemicals to use and avoid.

Usually, soapy water works best to clean the fridge. And make sure after cleaning it with soapy water, don’t close the lid until the fridge gets completely dried to avoid bacteria growth.

7. Make use of baskets

Using baskets to store the food items in the fridge allows easy air circulation inside the fridge. And the proper circulation of the air keeps the items fresher and colder. Also, adequate airflow maintains the temperature of the fridge.

Moreover, a basket case prevents the food from sticking on the sides of the fridge. Some of the camping fridges include storage baskets; otherwise, You can buy them separately.

8. Limit the lid opening

To keep your fridge working at an optimum level, avoid opening its lid again and again as it will allow the cold air to escape from inside, and the warm air can easily go inside the fridge. This whole process wants the fridge to start doing its cooling work from the start.

And it also increases power consumption. Therefore, if you want the best from the camping fridge, then limit opening your fridge.

Final consideration

Well, we hope that if you try all the tips listed above, you will definitely get the best possible cooling effect from your camping fridge. Moreover, these tips also help you to keep it safe from the external environment. So, you can get a happy camping experience enjoying the fresh food!

Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

A lover of all things outdoors, Andy is an experience camper having traveled the east cost of Australia multiple times and countless trips throughout New Zealand.

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