Camec Digital Instantaneous Caravan Gas Water Heater Review [2024]

With WHITE Camec Digital Instantaneous Gas Water Heater, you never have to wait for your water to heat up when needed. This best water heater system gives you a constant and immediate supply of hot water that you are your desired temperature with its remote control digital display. You don’t have to mix up the cold and hot water and have peace of mind knowing that the temperature is perfect even for the kids.

The instantaneous water heating feature offers economic advantages to your power, gas consumption as well as water usage. It is very easy to operate this hot water system. Just use a 9kg gas bottle and start using it right away. The unit is sized to fit most of the water heater cutouts available in the market and comes with easy installation from the outside of your caravan.

Since it is an instantaneous unit, the gas will only go through it when you turn on the tap, which accounts for less gas consumption. The biggest benefit of this product is that there is no need for a storage water tank, so you can keep the weight down and use every ounce of water in your caravan water tank.

Some other notable features of WHITE Camec Digital include patented rain protection exhaust, white external door, and compatible door lock.

What we like

  • Controls hot water flow
  • Operated on 12V DC and gas
  • 36,500BTU heating power
  • Low power and gas usage

What we don't like

  • Control panel error for some users

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