Tepui Weatherhood for Rooftops Tents Review [2024]

Tepui Roof Top Tent

If you like adventures and want to try extreme weather, then this product is your best bet. Tepui Weatherhood is the extreme protection which you require in extreme weather. Don’t worry if there is heavy rain, hail storm, crazy winds or even snow, Weatherhood is going to protect you and your stuff from all of such situations. With all these great features, it’s no wonder the Tepui Weatherhood rooftop tent features on our best rooftop tent Australia reviews list.

Weatherhood has a reflective thermal hood which is made up of 150T ripstop polyester. The oxford fabric is UV resistant, as well as a flame retardant. It has a 2000 waterproof rating, which means no amount of rain can disturb you while you are in the rooftop tent. The doors and vents are equipped with YKK zippers, which are secure to use. The tent has a secure connection underneath it with multiple reinforced bungee attachment points and an easy-to-use drawstring closure.

The packaging includes a bag, which is to store the tent once you are done using it. The Weatherhood can make a huge difference in your camping experience, especially during winters. You can travel easily during winters after getting your hands on this product.


  • Amazon rating: 4.5 stars
  • Dimensions: 38.1 x 20.3 x 12.7 cm
  • Weight: 1.09 kg
  • Material-type: Polyester
  • Waterproof: Yes

What we like

  • Extreme weather-resistant
  • Maintains temperature inside the tent
  • 2000 waterproof rating
  • Spacious

What we don't like

  • Doesn’t include instructions
  • Doesn’t include a bed
  • Doesn’t have a floor

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