Sea To Summit The Clothesline Camping Accessory Review [2024]

camping clothesline

This product is the ultimate solution to people who are looking for a clothesline that does not take up much space while they travel. This is literally the most compact clothesline you can come across with no need to carry extra tools, pegs, or hooks to hang your clothes while you camp. It weighs only 1.3 ounces. You can even carry it in your pocket; it is that compact and lightweight.

This is a very unique product as it’s completely different from the conventional clotheslines available in the market. This product is based on the dual cord, which contains beads. The beads hold your garments in place for drying. You need to have pegs for this purpose. You put the cloth between the dual cords, in between two beads, and bring the beads together while securing the cloth.

The cord measures 11.6 feet. You only have to wrap it around two trees to assemble it. Assembling it is as quick as a snap. The cord comes in a nylon pouch, which is extremely compact and can be placed in your pocket as well. The cord is reflective, which makes it visible at night as well. The beads secure the clothes well, even in strong winds as well. Though it is compact, but it is robust and can endure heavyweight as well. This is a must for your upcoming camping trips.

What we like

  • Unique beaded design
  • Compact
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It can endure heavyweight

What we don't like

  • It can hang limited things

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