Power Inverter 600W 1200W Solar Controller Charger 20A Pure Sine Wave 12V 240V Review

Power Inverter 600W 1200W Solar Controller Charger

Power Inverter 600W 1200W Solar Controller Charger 20A Pure Sine Wave 12V 240V Review Australia 2022

With a high 4.0 rating on Amazon, this is an excellent inverter for those who are looking to purchase one that can be used both, commercially and recreationally. The high surge capabilities are enough to provide the necessary current for starting up electrical loads.


  • Amazon ratings: 4.0 Stars
  • Type: 600W/1200W Pure Sine Wave
  • Continuous Power: 600W
  • Surge Power: 1200W

This inverter by Mishto has high build quality which makes it durable and ensures a longer life. It comes in 3 different models. The LCD screen on the inverter allows you to be aware of the running status of different factors such as current, power, voltage, and battery level, all the time. The pure aluminum housing makes it an excellent contender for using it in different places such as a commercial truck, RV and marine applications.

As this inverter comes with a fan cooling control, you would not need to worry about the heating of the inverter. It is also absolutely safe to use. The short circuit protection and over temperature protection make sure of the safety features needed to run this inverter.

What we like

  • Temperature fan cooling control
  • Excellent overload capabilities
  • LCD remote
  • Short circuit protection

What we don't like

  • Not ideal for travelling

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