OzPig Portable Wood Stove Review [2024]

OzPig Portable Wood Stove

The OzPig Portable Wood Stove camping firepit redefines outdoor cooking and heating with its innovative design and versatile functionality. Its exceptional features have earned it a coveted position on our top 5 list of camping essentials. Whether you’re an avid camper, a backyard enthusiast, or someone seeking a reliable and efficient wood-burning solution, the OzPig Portable Wood Stove promises to enhance your outdoor experience.

Is it a Good Camping Firepit and Who is it Ideal for?

Absolutely. The OzPig Portable Wood Stove camping firepit is a remarkable outdoor companion that offers cooking and heating capabilities in a single package. Its versatility, efficient wood burning, and durability make it an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy both culinary delights and warmth while camping or spending time outdoors.

Current Specs:

  • Height: 160cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Cooking Surface: 35cm x 25cm BBQ Plate
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Door Opening: 26cm Diameter
  • Chimney Length: 3 x 350mm pieces
  • Chimney Diameter: 58mm

What we like

  • Versatile Functionality: The OzPig Portable Wood Stove serves as both a cooking stove and a heating firepit, providing warmth and the means to prepare meals, making it an ideal all-in-one solution for outdoor activities.
  • Efficient Wood Burning: Designed for efficient wood combustion, this stove minimizes smoke and maximizes heat output, ensuring effective cooking and comfortable warmth.
  • Portable Design: Its foldable and compact design allows easy transportation and storage, making it a convenient addition to various outdoor adventures.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the OzPig Portable Wood Stove is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, offering durability for long-lasting performance.

What we don't like

  • Weight: Due to its sturdy construction and versatility, the OzPig Portable Wood Stove may be relatively heavier compared to other compact camping stoves, which could impact portability for some users.
  • Wood Fuel Requirement: While its wood-burning functionality is eco-friendly, it does require a steady supply of wood for fuel, which might not be as convenient as other fuel sources in some scenarios.

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