Megaflint Trailer Winch, Reversible 12v Electric Winch for Boats 4X4 up to 6000 lbs Review [2024]

Megaflint Portable 12v Boat ATV Winch

While Winches are, no doubt, a great help, but the noise they make can be loud. A lot of times, people who need a winch choose not to buy it only because it makes a lot of noise. If you also belong to the same category, then we have got the perfect winch for you. This winch by the brand Megaflint is designed in such a way that it does not make a lot of noise. Other than that, the winch delivers on other fronts too. Just take its motor, for instance. The motor has 30% higher power as compared to its counterparts.

Whether you want to use it inside or outdoor, with the Megaflint you can do both. Thanks to the dual-mode operation, your options are unlimited. It allows you to run in both electric and manual mode. This feature is something not a lot of winches offer. While it may be advertised as a boat winch, don’t limit it to just boats. You can use it for cars, trucks and trailers as well as it can attach easily to a towbar. Finally, if you are worried about the winch not being safe enough, you couldn’t be more wrong. The winch consists of galvanized steel cable as well as a hook for extra safety.

What we like

  • It is incredibly safe to use
  • It does not make a lot of noise
  • It comes with dual-mode operation
  • Portable and can easily be temporarily attached to a towbar

What we don't like

  • The manual mode leaves a lot to be desired

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