Energizer LED Headlamp Flashlight Review [2024]

The last headlamp on our list is by a brand known for making durable batteries- Energizer. The brand claims that this headlamp provides 15 times brighter LED than a standard LED. It consists of 6 light modes; whose usage depends on different activities. When you are using the headlamp in high mode, it can offer up to four hours of light. The modes we mentioned earlier are as follows: high, low, wide, wide low, the red and green lights are for night vision settings and the flashing red for emergencies.

Whether you want to use it for professional purposes or personal ones- you would have a great time keeping yourself safe with this headlamp. The safety feature of headlamps is often overlooked. But when you are running at night, and you cannot see anyone for miles, a powerful headlamp provides much-needed relief. Finally, like some of the headlamps on the list, this headlamp is also water-resistant and is you cannot damage it if you drop it for up to 1 meter.

What we like

  • It provides 15 times brighter LED than a standard LED
  • It has six light modes
  • It is drop and water-resistant

What we don't like

  • Turning it on and then turning it off is troublesome

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