Elinz 1000W / 2000W 12V-240V Power Inverter Review

Elinz 1000W / 2000W 12V-240V Power Inverter

Elinz 1000W / 2000W 12V-240V Power Inverter Review Australia 2022

This inverter in our list by the brand Elinz can achieve up to 90% efficiency. This makes it more useful, reliable and it can be used to run a lot of appliances. The high performing modified sine wave provides an economical inverter solution.


  • Amazon Rating: 5 Stars
  • Peak Output: 2000W
  • Continuous Output: 1000W
  • Socket Type: Standard Australian

If you have always wanted to run appliances like you are at home, regardless of where you are, then this inverter by Elinz would suffice. Since it is a 1000W modified sine wave inverter, you can just hook it up wherever you want, be it your 4WD car, caravan or a boat battery and you would be good to go. This inverter gives you standard AC power just about anywhere. And since it has automated shutdown functions, it is perfect for those who want to drive cars safely. This way, it would protect you from overloading, overheating and short-circuiting.

Since it has a built-in cooling fan, you would not need to worry about the heating of the inverter. It also comes with a USB charging port, making it easier for you to charge it without going through any trouble. The size of the inverter is very decent. It can be easily stored under the seat of your vehicle.

What we like

  • 90% efficiency
  • Uses DC power more efficiently
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Can be easily stored under your seat

What we don't like

  • Cooling fan might drain the battery life

Omg... what a great deal!

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