Eaz Lift ReCurve R6 Weight Distribution Hitch Review [2024]

Eaz Lift ReCurve R6 Weight Distribution Hitch

The Eaz Lift ReCurve R6 Weight Distribution Hitch is a versatile and dependable solution that has rightfully earned its place on our top 5 list of caravan sway control systems. While primarily designed as a weight distribution hitch, its integrated sway control features set it apart. The Eaz Lift ReCurve R6 offers both weight distribution and sway control in one package, making it a well-rounded choice for those seeking stability and safety during their caravan towing adventures.

Is it a Good Caravan Sway Bar and Who is it Ideal for?

Indeed, the Eaz Lift ReCurve R6 Weight Distribution Hitch is not only a good caravan sway bar but a multifunctional solution that provides both weight distribution and sway control. It’s an excellent choice for caravan owners seeking a versatile and user-friendly option to enhance stability and safety during towing.

Current Specs:

  • Combines weight distribution and sway control.
  • User-friendly installation and adjustment.
  • Effectively redistributes tongue weight for improved stability.
  • Integrated sway control mechanism for reduced sway during towing.
  • Suitable for various towing setups and caravan sizes.
  • An excellent all-in-one solution for enhanced safety and convenience.

What we like

  • Exceptional electronic sway control technology.
  • Continuous monitoring and instant intervention.
  • Highly effective at preventing sway.
  • Suitable for a wide range of caravans and towing setups.
  • Offers a high level of safety and peace of mind.

What we don't like

  • Higher initial cost compared to traditional sway bars.
  • May require professional installation and calibration.
  • Reliance on electronic components, which can be subject to maintenance.

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