Dometic Harrier Plus Air Conditioner Review [2024]

Dometic Harrier Plus Air Conditioner

The Dometic Harrier Plus Air Conditioner is the all-new caravan cooling unit that is currently our top pic and many other caravan and motorhome enthusiasts due to its less amperage draw and big capacity. For a lot of users, this AC is a great replacement for any inverter air conditioner on the market right now. It features a variable speed compressor backed by soft starter compressor technology to allow noiseless and effective performance.

This unit takes up less generator power to work as compared to its competitor models. It works best for caravans as well as motorhomes that are up to 8 meters in length on the inside.  There is an adapter to sync 360mm x 360mm and 400mm x 400mm roof patterns.

The design is lightweight and slimline, so it will be suitable for a wide range of vans and should impact to greatly on weight weight and height restrictions of your caravan’s roof. With its innovative sleep mode function, you can enjoy low compressor speed and fan speed with even further reduction in vibration and noise level while resting. Its four fan speeds and auto/sleep mode can be easily controlled via remote control for more functionality, practicality and comfort. We are happy to include the Dometic Harrier Plus in our best Caravan Air Conditioners list and hope you consider it for your caravan or camper.


What we like

  • Low fan noise
  • Adjustable airflow
  • More efficiency and low-profile ADB
  • Less vibration

What we don't like

  • Weight penalty

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