Dometic Air Conditioner IBIS MK4 Caravan RV Rooftop Reverse Cycle Review [2024]

Dometic Air Conditioner IBIS MK4

The best Caravan air conditioner in the market right now is Dometic Air Conditioner IBIS MK4. It is known for its amazing industry-leading features, thus a strong name in terms of reliability and exceptional performance.

This lightweight rooftop unit can perform well even in the harshest of all weather conditions. It features a strong and powerful, dual-cylinder horizontal compressor. This compressor is a first of its kind in the RV industry that decreases the amount of vibration and offers more stability to the unit.

The Dometic Air Conditioner IBIS MK4 features a turbo-mode fan speed to allow rapid cooling within your recreational vehicle. When required, you can turn on the quiet operation, i.e. sleep mode to enjoy cooling with low fan speed, compressor speed and noise.

The automatic display brightness and given ambient light sensors can automatically regulate the brightness of the unit. The optimized airflow, on the other hand, reduces noise and provide better functionality and efficacy.

What we like

  • Turbo-mode speed fan
  • Optimized airflow and low profile ADB
  • Low fan noise
  • Auto mode and sleep mode
  • Best seller
  • Free shipping

What we don't like

  • A little expensive than the previous models

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