Coleman Tent Sundome Review [2024]

Coleman Tent Sundome

Often, tents that have a dome design are not stable enough to withstand strong winds and storms. That is not the case with this tent. It is excellent when it comes to standing firm on its feet during severe weather. Additionally, it also helps protect you from light rain or dew. Once you are inside the tent, you would not need to worry about the rain coming inside and filling the tent. The rain fly of this tent cover enough parts- mainly being central roof mesh, doors, and back windows- to make sure that you remain dry all the time.

But to ensure that you remain dry all the time, you have to close the zippers properly. Otherwise, the rain might get into the tent. For even more protective measures, make sure to seal the simmers before getting into the tent. Now, let’s talk about the floor of the tent. As it is made out of polyethylene, you would not need to worry about the tent leaking anything. The seams are located above the ground level, which helps in keeping it clean from the dirt on the ground. Finally, the tent comes with adjustable ventilation panels.

The ventilation panels do a great job of keeping heat out of the tent while retaining cold air.

What we like

  • It offers excellent wind and storm protection.
  • The floor prevents leakage.
  • The temperature is breathable inside the tent.

What we don't like

  • Not the best in heavy rain.

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