Blazin’ Bison Battery Rechargeable LED Lantern | 500 Hour Runtime | Phone Charger | Camping Light (600 Lumen, Red) Review [2024]

Blazin' Bison Battery Rechargeable LED Lantern

If you want to enjoy the colors of life truly, you have to buy things that come in multiple colors. Items such as the next lantern on our list by the brand Blazin’. It comes in four different colors, which are so exciting that you would want to buy all four. You might be wondering, ‘sure it looks good, but does it perform well too?’. The answer is: absolutely. The lantern shines at 600 Lumen, which is enough to light up a whole room.

Charging this lantern is very easy. Whether you have a socket in your car, on your wall, or even in your computer, just plug it in and let the lantern charge. The lantern happens to be very sturdy as well. It is water-resistant, and unless you drop it from above five feet, it would not be damaged either. Overall, this is an excellent lantern that would remove all your worries when you have gone camping.

What we like

  • It comes in 4 exciting colors
  • It is bright enough to light up a whole room
  • It can be charged from any socket

What we don't like

  • Even at its lowest settings, the brightness is too much

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