Aussie Traveller Air Conditioner K3600 Review [2024]

Aussie Traveller Air Conditioner K3600

This air conditioner unit is designed and manufactured with a high gloss top cover and low-profile external housing. These features make this product impenetrable to ultra-violet rays and other dangerous elements of the environment.

The Aussie Traveller Air Conditioner K3600 is quickly becoming the number one choice for the RV market as it features more whistles and bells and an ability to adapt to different rooftop apertures. It also has a true soft starter on board which serves as a solid-state device to protect AC motor from harm caused by the abrupt inflow of power and a rapid inrush of current linked with the motor start-up.

For people looking for a Caravan air conditioner, that can run off a generator or lithium battery bank, Aussie Traveller Air Conditioner K3600 is an ideal choice to go for.

The best thing about this unit is that it does not only features external housings and advanced internal mechanics but also simple to use remote control and reclusive backlit display pane putting out the hassle of cooling up space when you are short of time.

What we like

  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy to fit and easy sealing
  • Improved airflow
  • Amazing performance

What we don't like

  • Costly unit and obtrusive compressor

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