ARB Essentials Recovery Kit Review [2024]

ARB Essentials Recovery Kit

The ARB Essentials Recovery Kit is a must-have accessory for off-road enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Designed to provide reliable and effective recovery solutions, this kit has earned its spot on our top 5 list for its outstanding performance and well-thought-out design. Whether you find yourself stuck in mud, sand, or any challenging terrain, the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit equips you with the necessary tools to get you back on track.

Is it a Good Recovery Kit and Who is it Ideal for?

The ARB Essentials Recovery Kit is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, off-roaders, and 4×4 vehicle owners who frequently venture into rugged terrains. Whether you are a weekend warrior or an experienced overlander, this kit provides you with the essential tools to tackle unexpected recovery scenarios.

Current Specs:

  • Snatch Strap: 29,000 lbs breaking strength, 17,600 lbs minimum breaking strength
  • D-Shackles: Two 3/4″ pin, 4.75-ton load rating each
  • Recovery Damper: 26.2″ x 23.6″ size, suitable for up to 17,600 lbs snatch straps
  • Gloves: 1 pair, heavy-duty construction
  • Carry Bag: Heavy-duty nylon, zippered closure, and reinforced handles

What we like

  • Comprehensive: A complete set of high-quality components
  • Durable: Snatch strap with a high breaking strength
  • Convenient: Two D-shackles included for secure attachment of recovery straps
  • Safe: Sturdy recovery damper for added safety in case of strap failure
  • Protective: Gloves for safe handling
  • Portable: Heavy-duty carry bag for convenient storage and portability

What we don't like

  • Relatively Higher Price: Compared to some basic recovery kits, the ARB Essentials Recovery Kit may be on the costlier side.
  • Limited Capacity: Snatch strap may not be suitable for extremely heavy vehicles, requiring a separate upgrade.

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