550W 12V Electric Motorised Jockey Caravan Mover Review [2024]

The fourth product we have on the list is 500W 120V Electric Motorised Jockey. This is a perfect mover for a caravan, horse float, boats, or anything that required a jockey to move. It comes with the 12V electric motorized jockey wheel, which has efficient performance and never puts you in trouble.

This product is capable of carrying 2722kg weight on an inclined surface up to 7 degrees. Isn’t it amazing? Furthermore, the front and back wheels are quite heavy with the 8cm width along with the automatic brake system that is cherry on the top. Due to the strong wheels moving of your caravan from one place to another will be plain sailing. Furthermore, this product is based on a special jockey system that means once you locked it, no one will be able to remove this jockey wheel unless and until you use a key.

This unit comes with 4 keys, and you must have on in hand because, at some point, you might need to remove the jockey, which is not possible without a key.

It is supplied by the 12V DV battery, which has a minimum size of 24h. You can also utilize the freewheel option by putting it in manual mode. The battery lead length is 1.6m, and the weight is 17kg. The maximum speed it can cover is 6-7m/min.

What we like

  • Strong performance.
  • Excellent weight carrying capability.
  • Automatic braking system.
  • Secure.
  • Reliable.

What we don't like

  • Some users are not satisfied with wheels.

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