Is it better to run a caravan air conditioner on high or low?

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Truma Aventa Compact Plus Roof Top Air Conditioner

Many individuals use a air conditioner in their caravans that have high and low cooling speeds, which means that they have two preset cooling rates that are controlled by the thermostat. The best rooftop caravan air conditioners share this trait. Setting your thermostat lower won’t make your home cooler any faster because the cooling speeds on these units cannot be modified or altered in any way, even on the greatest air conditioners.

However, a switch on your thermostat can allow you to choose between running your fan at a high or low speed. You might also want to think about whether copper or aluminium air conditioner coils will better fit your needs. Consider the unit’s brand as well, such as Dometic vs. Trauma air conditioners.

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Comparison of High and Low Fan Speeds

High and low fan speeds, also known as high and low cool on caravan AC systems, which can cause your air conditioner to squeal, are meant to work for various purposes. The amount of moisture in the air, the cost of operation, and the sound produced depend on whether your air conditioner is set to high or low cold.

Consider the outside temperature, the interior temperature, and the ideal frigid temperatures before choosing high-speed or low-speed fans. Consider purchasing a new air conditioner instead of a simple fan if you want to create a marginally cooler environment or you currently own an AC unit.

Cool Tip: When it’s humid outside, run your air conditioner on low to lessen the moisture in the air.

Consider the Current Humidity

On humid days, low fan speeds will effectively chill your home. The air conditioner removes some moisture as it circulates through the air. The slower speed gives this process more time to complete itself.

On humid days, high-speed fans continue to cool at the same rate, but humidity can make the air feel hotter than it actually is. The weather in the nation’s more humid regions reflects this effect. However, due to the influence of heat on air conditioning coils, many individuals are unaware that the fan speed on an air conditioner affects the removal of water from the air.

An Air Conditioner Running on High will be Louder

Because more air passes through the fan when a caravan air conditioner is set to high cool, it makes more noise than when set to low cool. This air also moves through the AC more quickly, which generates more noise.

Due to the fact that less air moves at a slower pace, a low-speed fan may sound quieter. When these elements are combined, some of the whooshing noises that your air conditioner may make can be eliminated. You may operate your air conditioner quietly by setting it on low cool.

Beware: Use your low-speed fan instead of running your caravan air conditioner constantly to reduce energy consumption and avoid more frequent cycling.


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