How to clean your caravan air conditioner filter

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There is some basic maintenance to keep your caravan air conditioner in good operating order. The crucial stage is filter cleaning.

Along with general maintenance guidance and solutions to the most frequently asked questions, you can discover How to clean your caravan Air Conditioner Filter in just five simple steps.

The filters in a caravan air conditioner are made to prevent even the most undesirable objects from coming inside with the cool air. While the filter is operating, these tiny particles build up inside. The screen will eventually reach a breaking point.

If the filter is never cleaned, one of two things could happen.

  1. Air Can’t get through
  2. Your air conditioner won’t cool your caravan

Table of Contents

Steps for Cleaning Caravan Air Conditioner Filters

Please take note that these instructions are only for usage with washable filters.

Review the details in the FAQs section below if you’re using one-time-use filters.

If you choose to implement these steps, kindly discard them.

1. Remove the filter from the air conditioner.

Start by unplugging the air conditioner’s power supply and turning the unit off. To see the filter, remove the cover. Being cautious when removing the screen will help you avoid harm and damage.

Depending on the model of your caravan, there may be a different procedure for removing the filter; thus, consult the owner’s manual first.

Avoid turning on the air conditioning while the air filter is out. This might seriously affect your air conditioner and allow dirt to accumulate in your car.

2. Use a vacuum to clean the filter.

In a vacuum cleaner, suction is utilised to break up and remove the filter’s particles. Avoid using too much suction to avoid harming the screen. Find the “sweet spot” of force on the screen that will complete the work without creating any further problems.

Sometimes all that is required to clean your air filter is a vacuum. If there isn’t much buildup on your screen after this process, remove it.

When it comes to dirty filters and those that haven’t had routine maintenance, a more thorough approach might be required. If that’s your filter, kindly carry on with the next steps.

3. Soak and Scrub the Filter

The air conditioner filter in your caravan has to be cleaned with warm water and a little detergent. For best results, submerge the screen for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Use the shower in your caravan or a sizable bucket in its place.

In some circumstances, it’s necessary to clean unclean filters. They will be able to remain in the solution for longer, perhaps for a few hours. To clean the dirt and filth off the filter, you can use a soft brush, like a toothbrush, but take care not to harm the screen’s fibres.

When you are satisfied with the filter’s cleanliness, rinse it. To completely clean and remove any lingering debris from the detachable showerhead (or hose) of your caravan.

4. Utilize a vinegar solution to prevent bacterial growth.

This mixture can be used to create a natural antibacterial cleaning that doesn’t compromise your caravan’s fresh air supply.


  1. Shake to blend the vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then fill it up to the halfway mark.
  2. Spray the vinegar solution over both sides of the filter, then wait for about 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse the screen once more to get rid of the vinegar smell before starting your caravan again.

5. Replace the filter.

Air conditioner filters contain broad, thick fibres. The drying of the filter may therefore require many hours.

The drying process can be accelerated and bacteria can be eliminated by letting the filter dry in the sun.

Once the filter has been cleaned and dried, carefully reinstall it. Once the air conditioner cover has been replaced, the electricity needs to be reconnected. After that, it’s time to turn on your air conditioner once more.

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