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Best Portable Camping Firepits in Australia [2024]

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    Any campsite must have a fire pit as its focal point. But carrying one made of heavy metal whilst you’re traveling between campgrounds, parks, or festivals is difficult. Additionally, some portable fire pits are attractive enough to reside permanently in your backyard when you aren’t traveling. These portable fire pits are your best friends when it comes to creating a controlled flame, whether you need to cook food outside or simply want a decorative addition to your patio that’s simple to move or pack up.

    Our list of the top portable fire pits includes lighter camping options, cooking fire pits, and larger ones that will easily become the center of attention in your backyard. Due to its lightweight construction, almost smokeless burn, and stylish appearance, the <insert product> is our top choice.

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    1. Best Portable Firepits

    Main Types of Portable Firepits: Gas vs Wood

    The two primary fuels for fire pits are wood and gas. Gas-powered pits have the benefit of being simple to start up and disconnect from a tank, so there’s no need to wait for your fire to burn out or attempt to put it out before going to bed. Although a typical full gas tank might weigh close to 20kg, hauling firewood bundles is not an issue. Additionally, gas pits let you build a fire despite burn bans in some regions (but you should still check for fire regulations where you plan to use one).

    What You Should Know Before Buying a Portable Fire Pit

    It’s crucial to be aware of your local councils regulations regarding the usage of outdoor fire pits because any type of open flame can be hazardous. Depending on where you live, your city or state government  may have localised fire bans or have outright prohibited wood burning especially when fire danger is at a high risk. To be sure your fire pit complies with code, check the laws and ordinances in your local area


    The best portable fire pits can have a number of finishes for various aesthetics, but they are often built of cast iron or stainless steel. Choosing a fire pit material that matches the appearance of the metal, stone, or finishes on your home if you’re buying one for your residence – if primarily for camping then it doesn’t matter too much.

    You should also think about whether you prefer a rustic design style or a clean, modern appearance. You should go with the lightest material possible and lessen your concern for the portable fire pit’s appearance if you intend to transport it while travelling.


    While determining the appropriate size for your portable fire pit, take into account the size of the place where you plan to use it and the amount of storage space you’re willing to provide it when it’s not in use.

    Pay attention to the fire pit’s height, overall diameter, and how much it can be compressed for storage. However, a fire pit’s capacity for cooking and heat production can be impacted by size. Although they are wonderful for storage, smaller, lighter fire pits don’t necessarily offer the same level of warmth, toughness, and cooking surface.

    Portable Fire Pit FAQ's

    Q. Are portable fire pits safe?

    Yes, provided you use them properly. When a fire pit is in operation, the exterior can become very hot and shouldn’t be touched with bare hands. Always keep an eye out for nosy pets and kids as they are lured to the flames.

    The safest place for your fire pit can be found by reading the directions for the one you chose. The majority of portable fire pits cannot be used safely on a wood deck.

    You can buy fire pit accessories to boost safety, such as stands to keep the hot exterior off the ground and spark screens to stop popping embers from escaping. You should never use a firepit in an enclosed area as fumes from certain timber can be dangerous.

    Q. What size fire pit should I buy?

    The size of portable fire pits varies widely. Consider where you plan to use the portable fire pit while selecting the ideal one for you, leaving enough space around it to prevent it from overheating any adjacent furniture or vegetation. Make sure the fire pit is both heavy enough to take in and out of storage when you wish to use it and sturdy enough to sustain numerous flames and transport.

    Q. What can you burn in a portable fire pit?

    Depending on the style of portable fire pit you purchase, fuel types vary. Most are made to burn gas, wood, or charcoal, so it’s crucial to stick to those fuels the manufacturer suggests. Never use pressure-treated wood in fire pits, and stay away from burning printed materials like magazines since the ink can emit toxic vapours when burned. 

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