Diagnosing your caravan air conditioner noises

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caravan air conditioner noises

If you are hearing strange noises coming from your caravan air conditioner then you might be worried about it. Often noises do mean there is something wrong, however the good news is that there are often simple things you can do to help troubleshoot the problem and hopefully fix it.

In this article we take a look at 10 common noises that a caravan air conditioner may make and what they mean.

10 most common sounds are

  1. Clicking
  2. Banging
  3. Buzzing
  4. Humming
  5. Whistling
  6. Clanging
  7. Bubbling or Gurgling noise
  8. Screeching
  9. Squealing
  10. Slamming

10 Most common noises an air con might make and how to fix them

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1. Clicking

What makes the noise?

Let’s take a look at two different clicking noise scenarios.

1. Clicking when the A/C is running. If your outdoor unit starts clicking, it’s likely that there’s a small object blocking your fan.

Solution: Turn off your air conditioner and inspect your outside unit to make sure nothing is blocking the fan. Take out any obstructions to the fan blades.

2. Clicking when your AC won’t turn on: This is an indication that there’s an electric problem. Problems could arise with the thermostat, compressor, or capacitor.

Solution: It’s best you contact an electrical professional to take a look

2. Banging

What is the reason for the noise?

A banging sound can indicate that your compressor has a loose component, such as a piston pin, connecting rod or crankshaft. A banging sound could also indicate that you need to replace your compressor.

Solution: It’s best you contact an electrical professional to take a look


What is the reason for the buzzing? A buzzing sound can also indicate an electrical problem in your air conditioner system. An electrical problem could be caused a circuit breaker, relay switch or condenser fan motor that isn’t working properly.

Solution It’s best you contact an electrical professional to take a look


What is the reason for the noise? Humming can be a sign that your air conditioner is having electrical problems, much like a buzzing sound. A blower motor problem or loose wires can cause humming.

Solution To check for loose wires and make sure your blower motor runs smoothly, contact an A/C technician


What is the cause of the noise? A whistling sound is an indication that there is low airflow. This is caused by…

  • Dirty air filter
  • Blocked return vents
  • Closed dampers
  • Leaky ducts
  • A malfunctioning blower

Solution – Change your dirty air filter. Also, make sure that nothing is blocking your return ventilations. If this doesn’t solve the whistling sound then contact an AC professional.


What is the sound? Clanging could indicate that there’s a loose component, or even the compressor. The outdoor fan blades and indoor blower could also be out of balance. This clanging sound will only get worse if you ignore it.

Solution To check for loose parts, and to make sure that your blower is working properly, contact an A/C expert

Bubbling or Gurgling noise

What is causing the noise? You might not be able to pinpoint the source of the bubbling/gurgling, but it is most likely a refrigerant problem. Your condensate drain could be clogged if you hear a gurgling sound.

Solution – Call a professional to check for a refrigerant leak in your A/C and make sure that your condensate drain pipe trap has not become blocked.


What is causing the noise? If your A/C makes a loud, metallic sound when it turns on, it could be that the motor bearings have worn.

Solution – If you hear the fan motor making a screeching noise, you will need to have it replaced by a professional.


What is the cause of the noise? Intermittent or continuous squealing can indicate a worn or misaligned fan belt. The belt’s ability to expand or contract can be affected by temperature and humidity. You run the risk that your fan belt will break if you don’t replace it.

Solution – It’s best you contact an electrical professional to take a look


What is causing the noise?

  • An air filter that is slamming against a return grille
  • A closing damper
  • Expanding & contracting ducts
  • Blower fan problem
  • The internal support springs of the outdoor compressor are seized
  • The unit is being attacked by an outdoor fan

Solution To resolve these issues, contact an A/C technician.


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