Covering your air conditioner in winter to prevent damage

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caravan air conditioner cover

An caravan air conditioner cover is a must, no matter if you are in cold temperatures or need to store your caravan. This inexpensive accessory can save you a lot of money. We will be taking a closer look at caravan air conditioning covers, and why it’s a good idea to use one.

What is an Caravan Air Conditioner Cover?

A caravan AC conditioner cover is a cover made of plastic that covers the outside of your caravan AC unit. These covers are used to protect your AC unit when it is not in use or stored indoors. These covers often include weatherproof material like vinyl. You can use them quickly and easily because they are held in place by elastic bands or drawstrings.

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Benefits of Caravan Air Conditioner Covers

It’s a smart idea to cover your caravan’s air conditioner if you don’t use it for a while. These are the top reasons.

Protects from the Elements

An air conditioner cover provides protection against the elements. The sun’s UV rays can cause the caravan air conditioner’s exterior to become brittle, more susceptible to damage, and even break. You can’t avoid UV exposure in the summer. However, it is possible to limit its use if it isn’t used every day. They protect against damage from hail, branches, and tree sap.

Protects from Pests

An AC cover is essential to protect your AC from pests. Small slits in AC units allow rodents, bugs and geckos to get into them and create nests or chew through wires. A cover means that you won’t have to clean out the nests every time you use your AC.

Reduce Drafts

Caravans can become very cold in winter. If your air conditioner unit is left open, cold and drafty air can get in. Although outside air cannot enter the caravan, colder air can. Covers are a great way to insulate your caravan.


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