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If you’re looking for the best 4WD awning, this guide will be a wonderful place to start. This buying guide for the finest 4X4 awning will walk you through each factor you should think about to make sure you get the best possible product for both your lifestyle and your car. We also take a look at some of the best 4WD vehicle awning alternatives available on the Australian market right now.

Our list of the top 4WD awnings includes side, rear and batwing awnings. Due to its quality construction, ease of use, and stylish appearance, the <insert product> is our top choice.

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The Best 4WD Awnings are:

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Main Types of 4WD Awnings: Side, Rear and Batwing

There are 3 main types of 4WD awnings; side, rear and batwing (wrap around). Each one of these having different mounting requirements and provide different coverage.

Side Awnings

The most popular kind of 4WD awning is a side awning, which is mounted to the side of the vehicle. These awnings provide good strength, size, and protection because they are placed on the side of the car that is the longest. Additionally, they imply that the car may be parked on windy days to block the wind.

Rear Awnings

Rear awnings are more space-constrained and may become unstable if they are longer than 2 metres because they open from the back of the car. They can be useful in addition to side awnings and are especially useful if your car has a kitchen or a portable barbeque in the back.

Batwing Awnings

The biggest 4WD awnings available sweep the side and back of the car and provide the most protection. These are the 270 and batwing awnings. Generally speaking, they are by far the most expensive choice compared to the other two.


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What You Should Know Before Buying a 4WD Awning

When it comes to choosing a 4WD awning there are a number of factors to consider. These are quite general and should apply to all types of awnings. Firstly though you should have a good idea of the type of awning you want (see earlier where we talked about side, rear and batwing style awnings). Other factors include:


The main purpose of a 4WD awning is to shield you from the weather, and the proper material is crucial for this. The drawback is that weight tends to increase as durability increases.

The majority of awnings have ripstop polyester or polycotton canvas roofs that have been treated in some way for added durability and security. Another factor to take into account is enough UV protection, both for your safety and the awning’s durability.

The material’s thickness, measured in GSM (grams per square metre) and D (denier), determines its strength, with higher numbers indicating longer endurance.

The durability of the poles is another factor to consider. The majority of poles are made of aluminium, which is very robust yet lightweight, but you can also get plastic poles, which are very light but lack durability and strength, and stronger steel poles (durable but at a higher weight).

Weight & Size

Since 4WD awnings are mounted to the vehicle’s roof, portability is not a problem until you wish to move them between cars. Their weight, though, is a cause for concern.

There is a weight restriction on what can be carried onto the roof of each vehicle.

Although 4WD awnings are quite lightweight in the grand scheme of things, weight is a crucial aspect to take into account if you’re connecting additional gear or equipment to the roof. You should consider the awning’s weight before buying one because the majority of 4WD awnings weigh between 10kg and 30kg.

4x4 Awning FAQ's

Q. Do I need roof racks to install a 4WD awning?

Yes, ideally you should install your awning to an existing roof rack system using supplied U-Brackets or bolts. You can install an awning without roof racks if your vehicle has sufficient mounting options, ie directly bolting the awning to a fibreglass or metal canopy.

Q. Are Kings 4WD awnings waterproof?

Yes, Kings awnings and 99% of other brands are waterproof. Just make sure the roof of the awning is angled in such a way that the water will drain away and not pool in the middle of the awning roof.

Q. Do Kings 4WD awnings come with mounting brackets?

Yes, Kings awnings come with all the required brackets and hardware to mount the awning to roof racks..

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